Friday, 8 June 2012


Mrs Craib asks us to sit in 'sardines' on the mat. So what are sardines????
We asked Mrs Craib to tell us what they were.
So rather than just telling us Mrs Craib bought some sardines from the shop and we used our 5 senses to find out about them.
First we opened the tin and then looked inside. 'They're fish', said Potene.
We listened to them - 'they're not answering back,' said Abyan. Ha, ha, ha - of course they didn't make a noise, but we knew that!
Then we smelt them. 'Oo, pooh,' said Thom. 'They are fish.'
Then we got to touch them to take one to taste.

For some of us this was a huge risk. So we all took the challenge and had a little taste.

Some of us thought they were yummy.

'They were delicious,' said Frances and Caleb.

We sit in sardines when Mrs Craib wants us close together on the mat. We saw that sardines are close together in the tin.

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