Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Paper making

As part of our topic on sustainability we are learning about recycling. So our group decided to make paper. During the week we began making paper.
First we had to rip up the old pieces of paper. We worked  in groups to make a bucket full of paper. We added water to the paper and left it to soak.

On Friday we worked at the orange table to make our own piece of paper. The pulp in the bucket had to be put into the blender. Then on it went - whizz, whizz, whizz.

Then we had to pour the mixture onto the sieve. We got spoons and smoothed out the pulp. 
Next we had to hold the sieve on its side to drain all the water out.
 We tipped the sieve over and out fell our wet piece of paper.

We had to fix up any holes by using the back of the spoon.

Then we put it in the sun to dry.

This was a fun way to use our old paper.

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