Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Our Canvas for the School Fair.

This week we finished the canvas we were painting for the school fair on Friday 2nd. We chose a picture from the drawings we had made for our calendars. Theoden drew the picture we decided to use.
First we had to photocopy the picture onto a see through transparency. Then Mrs Craib helped us use an OHP to shine the picture on the canvas. We drew the picture on and then Theoden chose us to come and help paint parts of the canvas. We had to be very careful to paint inside the lines. We are very proud of our finished work. We hope it sells for lots of money at the fair.


  1. Great artwork! Love it!
    Heather (Jamie's mum)

  2. What a wonderful piece of artwork you have created :) Will hopefully get to the fair tomorrow night to see all of you as I move around the different stalls and activities!
    Amber (Miss Maclachlan)

  3. I well love my new classroom on the frst day of school.But the classroom I'd like was room 4. And I hope we all have a good XMAS from katy.