Friday, 18 November 2011

Keeping Christchurch beautiful

Yesterday we went down to Selwyn Street to help add plants to a special garden.

Ms Loveridge and Mr Woods showed us how to dig a hole and to  put the plants into the compost.

We all had a turn at planting.

Then we helped find rocks and stones to add to a wall to protect the garden.

We are going to remember to water the garden when we go past.
We had fun planting the garden.


  1. And what a fantastic job you have all done, It looks amazing from Raelene & family

  2. Thanks for your hard work on the garden, it's a great thing for the local community. We love walking or driving past and seeing the garden, it looks great! I can't wait to watch it grow. I wonder how big the plants will get?
    Heather (Jamie's mum)