Friday, 30 September 2011

Ronald McDonald Visits Our School

On Wednesday Ronald McDonald visited our school We were waiting in the hall and he walked in - we didn't know he was coming! What a surprise!

He was doing his washing on a windy day and his red stripy sock blew away. He decided to walk along the road to find it. When he came to a sneaky driveway he told us he needed to stop and look. This was a dangerous place because cars can come along before we know. We need to look and listen before going across the driveway.


Then he wanted to cross the road to get to our school. He found a pedestrian crossing. He showed us how to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN when we cross the road.

We helped Ronald McDonald find his red stripy sock - it was on his back.

We liked having Ronald McDonald at our school.


  1. wow we bet you all had a great time with Ronald McDonald

  2. Wow, everyone is sitting still and listening so well!
    Heather (Jamie's Mum)