Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rhubarb performs for Our School

Yesterday Mary and Peter came to perform at our school for the Duffy Assembly. They are called Rhubarb.

Mary told us stories and Peter played the guitar and sang too.

The stories were Chicken Little and The 7 Dancing Princes. Mrs Abraham was a chicken in Chicken Little and she was funny. She acted like a chicken the whole time. Lourelle helped in the story and she was a horse.

In the 7 Dancing Princes, Mr Cain had to be an old lady and he talked weird - his voice was all crackly. Nikolas and Anthony were princes and they turned into a bird and had to fly around. They turned back into princes when the princess didn't talk.
We really enjoyed the stories.
After the stories we got our Duffy books.

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  1. Room 4 - I love your blog! I really enjoy seeing what you guys are up to. Keep up the fantastic work :-) Ms W