Friday, 24 August 2012

Court Theatre perform at our school.

On Wednesday the Court theatre came to our school to perform the 'Antarctica Adventure' show. Some penguins were leaving because there was no fish. The only reason was the fish eat the krill and the penguins eat the fish and the whale eats the penguin. There was a pirate - Captain Toothless. He had a sword and when the penguin bit him on the back he threw it up in the air and the penguin caught it. The pirate was trying to make the lady walk the plank.  The man gave the lady a snail thing that glows so he could find her easily. When the penguin came out of his home his mum and dad went out find food. The baby penguin was crying and some people found him and looked after him. They gave him some sardines so the baby penguin kept following them.
We enjoyed the show.

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  1. We liked the show too. It was very funny. The penguin was very funny when it cried.