Friday, 18 May 2012

Antarctic Centre Visit

 Last Friday we went to the Antarctic Centre. We took Pita the Penguin with us. 

We saw a seal. It had sharp teeth. Some people went on a sled.
        We saw penguins swimming in a pool. The penguins plunged into the water using their flippers and webbed feet to fly through the water. There were girl penguins and boys too. One penguin had only one foot. That penguin was a boy. We didn’t know there were real penguins at the Antarctic Centre.
We went in the snow room and took Pita the Penguin with us. In the snow room there was a temperature. It was freezing. We went on the ice slide in the snow room. There was an igloo. There was a big storm in the snow room. We huddled together to keep warm. Some of us hid in the igloo. We nearly got blown away.
We watched a movie on a big screen.
We had grown ups to look after us.

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