Friday, 27 April 2012

We Plunge into our topic on Sustainability

Yesterday we went to the hall to watch the DVD "Happy Feet" with the Minnows team.

Pita came to the hall to watch the movie with us.

We watched the DVD to plunge into our new topic 'Sustainability is Forever'.

We had popcorn.

It was funny when Mumble was born because his feet came out first and he bounced around on the ice. When all the other penguins were singing all Mumble could do was dance - he was good at dancing.
Mumble is chased by the big birds, a leopard seal and a killer whale, but he manages to get away. There was a big avalanche where Mumble and his friends race away through an avalanche.
Mumble needs to know more about aliens so he goes to visit Lovelace. He has plastic rings stuck round his neck.
Mumble chases the boat that is stealing their fish to find out where they are going. He swims after them. When he is rescued he is put into a place with other penguins, but they don't understand him.
Finally Mumble gets back to Antarctica with a tracking thing on his back. The people follow him and Mumble gets everyone to dance.

                                 We are going to do lots of talking about what we saw.

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