Thursday, 1 March 2012

Garden Explorers

On Monday we went to the Botanical Gardens. We met Ben, Katy and Brian.

Ben told us how to make friends with the trees. We had to put a blindfold on and hold out our monster arms to feel for the trees. Our partner had to hold our shoulders and help us walk along.

Then Ben took us to meet Betty Beetle. We had to help Betty find her friends. We had a magnifying glass to hunt for the insects.

After that we played a forest game. Some of us were insects and some of us were birds. The adults were the trees. The builder chopped down some trees and we had to find new homes for the insects. Then we had to plant a new tree because the insects didn't have a house to live in.

At the end Ben read us a story. We helped Ben with the puppets.

We had lots of fun at the Botanical gardens.

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