Friday, 7 October 2011

Run, Jump, Throw

Yesterday we went out to join in with the run, jump, throw activities with the Mighty Minnows team. First we had to throw the discus. We can throw this a long way. Some people tried to get it across the field.

Then we went on to the long jump. We can all leap into the sand.

Next was the high jump and we jumped over the elastics. Some of us are really good at doing the scissor jump.

After that we had to get through the obstacle course. Up, down, in and out, jump, jump, run in and out, then through the ladder. What a lot of obstacles.

Before lunch we finished our shot put. It's really hard to remember clean palm, dirty neck and then do it. The shot put was heavy.

After lunch we did our running races.
We all tried to do our personal best.


  1. I like room 4 room 4 is awsome. From Jayda.

  2. Room 4 is the coolest class and I like room 4. From Benjamin.

  3. Room 4 is the awsomeist class in the world

  4. Great photos, great to see you all out there having a go at the different athletics games. Which one was your favourite? When I was at school, long jump was my favourite :-)
    Heather (Jamie's Mum)