Wednesday, 24 August 2011

PMP Programme

Today we thought about our PMP programme. We used our 7 servants and asked questions to each other about it. Then we had to answer the questions.

What is PMP?
 PMP is activities we do to exercise. PMP stands for Perceptual Motor Programme.

Who runs it?
 Sandy and the parents from our school.

Where do you do it?
In the hall.

When do you do it?
 We go to PMP on Monday and Tuesday.

How long do you do it for each day?
 We are in the hall for half and hour.

What do you do?
 The activities we do are crawling, jumping, rolling, catching, naming, tightrope walking, eye exercise, stepping and matching.

Why do you go to PMP?
To get fit and to exercise and practise our coordination.

Which activities do you have to do?
There are 5 stations in the hall. we are in groups and we got to do the activities. We have to jump over the rope, crawl along the rope like a baby, lie down and keep your eye on the ball, roll the ball and practise catching, throw the bean bag in the hoop, balance on the line, step through the ladder, crawl through the tunnel, crawl through the shapes, and jump on the shapes.

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  1. To addington school school is very very fun i like to read and learn how do we go to a diffrint
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