Friday, 8 July 2011

El Gregoe's visit

We went to the hall today to watch the El Gregoe show ‘You’ve got the Power.’ 
He is a magician who made us laugh and think about  his messages. He told us hands are for helping and never for hurting. He kept pouring containers of water into a bucket – he did it 16 times. He said ‘the water keeps pouring, everyday we keep caring, pour out a little help.’
Michael from Room 9 went onto the stage and El Gregoe put a mask on him. He chose a Frisbee and not the $100.
 He had different coloured scarves and he showed us every scarf was different like us, but when we pull them together we can make one big picture. We can work together and share.
Monique went on stage and she helped El Gregoe make a table fly.
Boris the dog came to help him and he was clever. He told us to use our WITS.
Kester went on stage to help get a bird to arrive in the box. He got a bigger and bigger wand. The last one was huge!
The messages El Gregoe gave us were about respect, acceptance, fairness, trustworthy, encourage and caring.

We had fun!

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